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Declude is Mail's Best Friend

Declude is a comprehensive email defense solution which incorporates anti-virus, anti-spam, hijack prevention, threat management and Security Flaw Scanning™ (SFS) the Declude product is FREE and can be used as a unified email solution for protecting both inbound and outbound messages.

The Declude systems roots can be traced back to 1997 when founder Scott Perry, a pioneer in email threat management developed Declude technology to work inside the mailserver with IMail and SmarterMail platforms exclusively. Declude technology is used by more than 3,000 customers around the world including government agencies, Fortune 100 companies and leading universities.

Mail's Best Friend offers ongoing support for email admins who would like to use Declude.

The Declude Anti-Spam Community Archive can be found here: http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/
The Declude Anti-Virus Community Archive can be found here: http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/

Today we help our clients build and maintain the best eMail solutions in the world. We offer:

  • fully integrated eMail solutions using best-of-breed components.
  • fully customized integration, support, and management resources.
  • solutions that reduce costs, improve performance, and provide a sustainable competitive advantage.
If you work with eMail, you need Mail's best friend!